Available IT Jobs

We receive new job openings for public sector IT jobs in Austin throughout each day. If you are an experienced IT professional, especially if you have a disability or chronic medical condition, send us your resume so we can consider you for our future positions.

We are always recruiting candidates who have prior work experience with a State of Texas agency, institution of higher education, or other public sector organization. See our Job Categories for a list of the types of jobs we fill.

We're always recruiting!

Business Analyst

Database Administrator

Database Architect

Data Warehouse Architect


Developer Analyst

End User Trainer

Enterprise Architect

Help Desk

IT Communications Coordinator

IT Contract Manager

Network Administrator

Network Engineer

Organizational Change Management Analyst


Project Lead

Project Manager

Security Analyst

Security Architect

Security Engineer

Software Test Analyst

System Support Specialist

Technical Support

Technical Writer

What you can expect:
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    Fair Dealing

    We hire people based on their skills and availability, with preference given to people who have a disability or chronic medical condition, and who possess the skills necessary to perform the work.

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    Fair Wages

    Our prices are set by our contracts with our clients. Your wage will be discussed with you at the start of your assignment and will remain the same throughout the term of your assignment.

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    Medical Benefits

    We offer competitive Medical Insurance to all our employees.

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    Safe Working Conditions

    All of our jobs are located in government facilities, which comply with ADA guidelines.

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    Direct Deposit

    We offer direct deposit and Visa debit pay cards, for your convenience.

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    Disability Defined

    Many individuals don't think of themselves as disabled, yet they meet the criteria set for by the ADA and ADAAA.


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