Employee of the Month Program

Peak Performers Employee of the Month

At Peak Performers, we understand that recognizing our employees is key to their job satisfaction and success. But we don’t see our employees as often as our clients do, and so we are turn to our clients to help us reward those who go above and beyond in their efforts and select an Employee of the Month for some special recognition!
In the past, we’ve recognized some truly outstanding employees. We hope you’ll help us identify our next Employee of the Month!

Program Overview

  1. Each month, a designated Peak staffing manager reaches out to clients to solicit nominations of Peak employees.
  2. On-Site Supervisors will have two weeks to submit the name of an exemplary Peak employee and provide a few words describing why they are nominating the employee. (See below for suggested criteria.) They can nominate someone simply by replying to the email.
  3. The staffing team here at Peak will evaluate feedback from all nominations and select an awardee.
  4. Peak Performers will award a $250 bonus to the selected Employee of the Month. We will coordinate with you/the on-site supervisor to deliver the recognition either in person or virtually. They will also receive some personalized recognition and goodies to share.
  5. Nominees who are not selected as Employee of the Month will be recognized with a $25.00 gift card and a note of appreciation from the Peak Performers team and may be still be considered for future nominations.
  6. Employees of the month may also be considered for Employee of the Year recognition.

Criteria for consideration:

Here are some of the many reasons you may consider nominating someone for the employee of the month nomination:

  • Excellent attendance/reliability – there to get the job done
  • Providing the highest quality of service
  • Making a personal effort to “go the extra step”
  • Treating co-workers professionally with warmth, courtesy, and respect
  • Being the kind of co-worker who makes the day more enjoyable while achieving results
  • Contributing ideas or new approaches to streamline/improve a process

Next Steps:

Please email your nomination. Our Employee of the Month will be announced the following week.

Meet Previous Awardees

Also check out, Vincent, our Employee of the Year last year!