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What We Do

We help people find jobs.

Some of the jobs we regularly fill are:

Office / Professional Jobs

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Program Specialists

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • Data Entry Operators

Accounting & Finance Jobs

  • Accountants

  • Purchasers

  • Auditors

  • Financial Analysts

Information Technology Jobs

  • Project Managers

  • Technical Support Representatives

  • Developers / Programmers

  • Business Analysts

Our Vision

We were formed with a vision of helping professionals with disabilities get jobs.

People with disabilities experience an unemployment rate that is double that of the national average. Often, people with disabilities are identified first by what they can’t do as opposed to what they can do. We recognize that you are more than your disability.

We’re seeking to change the world one job at a time by connecting skilled job seekers with disabilities to eager employers.

  • 28 k JOBS FILLED

Our Process

Let’s get to work.

Browse Jobs

If you’re looking for work, the first step is to send us a professional resume.

A recruiter will review your resume. If your work history meets our current recruiting needs, we may ask you to interview with a staff member, take a series of skills tests, and complete a digital application.

Our recruiters will look for a job match and you can check in with us if you see a good-fit opportunity on our website.

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Thank you for your service

We are a veteran-friendly employer. Roughly 10% of our workforce are veterans–so you’re in good company!

We appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made to our country and seek to help you in finding meaningful employment opportunities.

Peak Performers provides job preference to qualified individuals with disabilities, including disabled veterans. For more information, see our Disability Defined page.

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Bring your whole self to work. We are a diversity-friendly employer!

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