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Targeted Placements

Even when a placement is "only" temporary, we focus on seeking out and matching candidates as deliberately as if it were a full-time internal role.
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Meaningful Work

Many of our candidates seek us out specifically for jobs because they want to make the world a better place.
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Keeping you Working

Our highest priority job seekers are those who have already worked for us and are between assignments.
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Rewards at Every Level

Peak offers retention bonuses and has an employee recognition program.
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Growth Focused

After each assignment, we evaluate your newly acquired skills and seek to place you in higher classified roles.
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Supporting You

Peak believes in supporting our staff. We offer health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. We have an employee assistance program. We also offer a 403(b) retirement program.
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Working With Peak

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Customer Discovery & Feedback

Our staffing services start with a collaborative conversation with hiring managers to ensure we thoroughly understand your needs. We ask for your feedback at specific points in our process -- and welcome it at any stage.
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High Quality Candidates

Every week, hundreds of candidates come to us in search of work. Our screening and vetting process saves you time. We'll refer only the absolute best candidates to you. We are committed to seeing that every single job placement meets or exceeds your expectations.
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Client-Oriented, Mission-Focused

As a nonprofit, we tap into an underutilized pool of candidates: skilled individuals with disabilities and ongoing medical conditions. Through our extensive referral network and expert recruiting team, we're able to send you the candidates you might never see otherwise. In doing so, we are setting a new standard of employment for individuals with disabilities.
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High-Touch Staffing

We take a “high-touch” approach to serving both our clients and candidates. Communication is the key to our success, and your dedicated Staffing Consultant is here for you at all times.
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Retention Driven

Employee churn slows projects, costs hiring managers time in evaluating and onboarding new starts, and lowers morale of staff. That’s why we are dedicated to driving retention among the individuals we place in your organization.
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Centralized Support

Whether it's recruiting, management, or back office processing, we pride ourselves in performing all aspects of the business in-house. Our staff is always available to assist you via phone, email, or in-person meetings.

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