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As a nonprofit staffing agency, Peak Performers is setting a new standard of employment for people with disabilities. We place office/professional and IT positions for nearly 900 job classifications.
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Tips for Networking Happy New Year from all of us at Peak Performers employment agency! It’s the start of another

Tips for Following Up After You Apply After submitting an application, it’s often considered best practice to follow up with

Advice for Email Follow Up On Your Resume Practice proper email etiquette. In general, your messages should include full sentences, short

Resume Templates Whether you’re newly to the workforce, newly seeking a job, or simply unhappy with the results you’re getting

Posture in the Workplace “Be a swan, Minerva, be a swan,” says wicked stepmother Bernadette Peters in Cinderella. Posture training

References available upon request. Should I write or not write this line? I have a better question: how much space