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As a nonprofit staffing agency, Peak Performers is setting a new standard of employment for people with disabilities. We place office/professional and IT positions for nearly 900 job classifications.
Skills-Based Hiring: Do You Still Need a Degree to Get Hired Today?
Is a college degree necessary for job success? Explore the truth about skills-based hiring and discover alternative paths to employment

What to Do After an Interview? You walk out of your interview feeling great. You were nicely dressed, well-spoken, and answered

Balancing the Flu with Work The flu season is here with a vengeance! The flu season peaks this month and

Being Friendly to Expand your Connections Recently, I heard about a rule that the Mariott hotels make their employees live by.

Email Address: Part of your Professional Image One of the most common resume mistakes we see is with email addresses.

Invisible Disabilities Recently, I was reading through a comment section below an article about what it’s like living with a disability.

Resume Headers As my favorite leading lady Julie Andrews once sung on screen, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a