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As a nonprofit staffing agency, Peak Performers is setting a new standard of employment for people with disabilities. We place office/professional and IT positions for nearly 900 job classifications.
Skills-Based Hiring: Do You Still Need a Degree to Get Hired Today?
Is a college degree necessary for job success? Explore the truth about skills-based hiring and discover alternative paths to employment

Making New Year’s resolutions is about showing how you want to grow and become a better version of yourself. The

Inclusive hiring practices go beyond mere checkboxes. Discover nine hiring practices that can turn your recruitment from standard to inclusive. 

Compensation and benefits are crucial to your lifestyle and your satisfaction. This article looks into the importance of compensation and

Thanksgiving has passed, and there’s another celebration worth highlighting: Human Rights Day. This resource will discuss this monumental day and how

Unconscious biases can sneak in without us knowing. While we want hiring to be fair, these biases can lead to

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