Balancing the Flu with Work

The flu season is here with a vengeance! The flu season peaks this month and can run through April. Coupled with Covid-19, it’s more important than ever to take time off if you’re not well.

A single flu-infected coworker can have a domino effect in the workplace. Please be considerate of others and how you could effect the entire office and everyone you come into contact with when you have the flu. The illness you pass along to your co-worker may be then passed along to your coworker’s family.

Some helpful tips:

  • Disinfect surfaces such as keyboards, desks, phones, and doors–the flu virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid touching your face, which provides a direct path for germs on your hands to get to your nose and mouth.
  • Use hand sanitizer, especially after shaking hands or blowing your nose
  • And don’t go to work if you’re sick!

Peak policy reminder:

If you have the flu or other contagious virus, please provide both the Client Supervisor at the job site and Peak Performers with a doctor’s note clearing you to return to work. 

If you are unable to attend your assignment or if you will be late arriving to your assignment on any day, it is your responsibility to call both the client supervisor and your supervisor at Peak Performers before your workday begins.

We appreciate your help in maintaining a safe, healthy work environment! Stay well. 🙂


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