Preparing for your interview at Peak Performers

1 submit your resume 2 recruiter review 3 interview with a staffing consultant 4 take a skills test 5 check in weekly 5 become a Peak Performer

Peak Performers Hiring Process

Welcome to Peak Performers! As a nonprofit, we’re also driven by the mission to create a new standard of employment for qualified applicants with a disability.

We’ve compiled some information to help you know what to expect at your interview. If you haven’t submitted your resume to be reviewed by our recruitment department, you can do so by clicking here or you can apply for one of our many openings.

After You Apply and Following Up

We follow up with candidates who align with a current opening or anticipated future opening. We typically follow up via some mixture of phone, email, and text messages. Candidates who are responsive to our recruiters tend to move through our process faster. And candidates who apply for positions that they’re qualified to do are more likely to get contacted.

We do not have a chance to talk to everyone who applies. However, you can always follow up on the status of your application by calling us at (512) 453-8833 and asking to speak with a recruiter or email recruiter@peakperformers.org.

The Interview

Since COVID-19, our interviews are done almost entirely via phone. Special accommodations, such as video chat or in-person interviews, may be requested on a case-by-case basis. After the initial interview with Peak Performers, you may be asked to interview with the client as well.

When appearing in person or on video chat, we recommend dressing to impress and being prepared for a professional interview. We are committed to using a fair and standard set of interview questions for each candidate. While we cannot guarantee job placement, our team works hard to create the best match for you and the agency clients we serve.

For all candidates, we recommend you thoroughly read the job description and reflect on your own past experiences and how they correlate with the position.

During our registration process, you’ll be asked if you have a disability or chronic medical condition. We understand that this can be sensitive information and many people are reluctant to discuss their disability or medical condition. The answer you provide is confidential. At our company, we recognize that disabilities have little to no bearing on an individual’s skills and capabilities. In fact, we give a job placement priority to qualified candidates with a chronic medical condition.

Skills Assessments and Application

Following your Peak interview, you may be asked to complete a set of computer-based skills assessments. These can be done on your own computer/technology and on your own time. These evaluations are important to help us find the right match for each position. If you’re not satisfied with your test results, we also offer free tutorials that can be completed at home. When you feel more confident, you can schedule to re-test and we’d be happy to use your best set of scores.

Our application can be completed completely online. You will be asked to complete an application prior to starting on an assignment.

If you need access to a computer, we recommend going to a local library or at a Workforce Solutions center.

Getting to Our Office

We are conveniently located in a commercial and residential development known as The Triangle, just off of North Lamar Boulevard. If you come at lunchtime, we’re auspiciously situated next door to Hopdoddy. Our office is directly across the street from a five-story parking garage. There is free, accessible parking on the street and in the garage. We’re also conveniently located near stops for several major bus routes, including the 1, 801 and 803.

You will probably only be asked to come into our office if you are selected to start an assignment and are local to the area. In these circumstances you may be asked to come in to complete I-9 paperwork.

Still looking for answers? Be sure to check our frequently asked questions.



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