Peak Performers Announces New Leadership Team

Peak Performers Leaders Announced

Release Date: Monday, February 14, 2022

“We continue to expand our staffing and recruiting services into new industries and markets in an effort to position Peak for future growth,” said Bree Sarlati, CEO of Peak Performers. “Our new leadership team will enable us to grow our company and thereby expand our nonprofit mission to help people with disabilities get jobs.”

Peak Performers is a nonprofit staffing and recruiting agency that has served the state of Texas and other local governments for 27 years. As a nonprofit, they seek to recruit and hire professionals with disabilities. A list of all our personnel can be found on our company directory.

The new leaders for Peak Performers include:

Chief Growth Officer

Gunther Doran is  a senior business development leader with a track record in staffing operations, marketing and sales management, and operational process improvement. Gunther previously served as the Vice President of Peak Performers.

“Many people with disabilities struggle to find work and many employers struggle to hire and then retain employees with disabilities,” said Gunther. “At Peak Performers, I work to connect these two parties and thereby grow the company and mission.”

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Sergi is a senior financial professional with a knack for business planning, analytics, and continuous improvement. Michael previously served as the Vice President of Finance for Peak Performers.

“Self-sufficiency starts with a paycheck,” commented Michael. “In the role of Chief Financial Officer, I help to ensure our employees get paid and our organization stays solvent.”

Chief Operations Officer

Christi Seaback brings to the team over two decades of corporate recruiting and staffing. Christi previously served as a Staffing consultant and then Recruiting Operations Manager for Peak Performers.

“I seek to ensure operational excellence in serving both our customers and job seekers, as well as helping our organization be nimble to the ever-changing needs of our industry,” said Christi.


Media contact: – (512) 453-8833 X 116

Peak Performers Employee Appreciation Event:  PEAKnic

PEAKnic 2018

On Thursday  May 17th, 2018, Peak Performers celebrated their employee appreciation event, PEAKnic.  Aside from the wordplay—there was much horseplay and balloons and painted faces and sidewalk chalk and sandwiches.  What a party!

Banner from PEAKnic 2018, our employee appreciation event
It was great to have our temporary workers attend our employee appreciation event!

Balloon hats from Peak Performers temporary staffing associates at appreciation event
What great party hats!
Picture of man raffling off winners at employee appreciation event
Charlie gets into the action announcing winners of a drawing.
Hiring manager saying goodbye to temporary staffing agency personnel
Staffing consultant, Cheryl, is sad to see our guests go.  Next year, Cheryl!
Picture of Peak Performers staffing agency office in Austin TX filled with people for employee appreciation event.
A full house and fantastic event.  Thanks to all who came!

What are you doing for others?

Giving Back

The title of this post comes from a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, spoken to an audience in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1957, and often repeated throughout his life’s work. Dr. King is widely remembered for leading a radical, nonviolent civil-rights movement that rippled across the world. Today we commemorate his life in the same way he lived it, by giving back to others.

Volunteering in our community is an obvious way to give back, but there are also substantial benefits for job seekers. Service opportunities can be an additional way to increase your network, keep your skills fresh and maybe even learn a few new things. It can also be a creative strategy to address any gaps in the work experience listed on your resume. Volunteer experience may or may not impress a hiring manager, but it certainly won’t hurt. Here’s what some of our team has to say about our favorite organizations and what keeps us motivated:

Following the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be helpful to refocus our attention on building community and helping those around us. Today, and every day, we’re thankful for the legacy of Dr. King and for those of you who continue to contribute to our vibrant community.

Share your favorite organizations or service opportunities in the comments section. How do you choose to give back?