Landing | Top Rated IT Staffing Agency (INSERT CITY) in 2022

Top Rated IT Staffing Agency (INSERT CITY) in 2022

Are you an Information Technology job seeker? If so, Peak Performers is hiring for positions across the country and are eager to see your resume for one of our top IT temporary jobs.

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Help Desk and Tech Support

Do you have experience providing information technology support as well as a drive for customer service? Do you have experience with a ticketing system? Do you have experience with troubleshooting, connecting peripherals, and imaging work computers? If so, upload your resume to be considered for future help desk and tech support roles.

Project Manager

Do you have experience managing information technology projects in large, complex information technology ecosystems? Do you have a background in agile or other project management methodologies? You may also have a PMP. If this applies to you, upload your resume for one of our future Project Manager jobs.


Do you have experience developing high performance, secure, and low latency networks? Are you a master of virtualization and mobile device management? If you are a network engineer, enterprise architect, or other infrastructure professional we want to see your resume in consideration for our future jobs.


Do you have experience coding and a passion for getting hands on to develop custom software solutions. Peak Performers recruits for programming professionals with a variety of information technology coding skills. These include legacy systems such as COBAL and mainframe, as well as modern systems such as Java, Javascript, C#, and Python.

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Benefits to you

As an IT professional, you have many choices on where you work. Your skills are valuable! Peak Performers offers health, dental, and vision insurance to all IT temporary staff after 60 days. 

We also offer competitive pay and all of our staff work for us as W2 employees, not 1099 contractors.

Are you looking for the best IT staffing agency? We would be honored if you considered Peak Performers staffing agency!

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