What is “Disability Pride Month?”

On July 26, 1990, George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act. This laid the legislation groundwork for protecting the rights of people with disabilities and making the world more accessible. That’s why this July we’re celebrating “Disability Pride Month.”

Significance of Disability Pride Month

Here’s why you may want to care about Disability Pride Month:

  • The idea that you can be proud of yourself AND have a disability is still a novel idea.
  • Disability rights legislation is relatively new and has already had a dramatic impact on millions of people’s lives.
  • It’s about time that people with disabilities had their time to celebrate!

Holidays only develop significance through the meaning we collectively attach to them. These range from somber (MLK day and Memorial Day), to goofy (Halloween and Valentine’s Day), to historic (4th of July and Juneteenth), to religious (Easter and Hanukkah).

Eventually, these holidays develop a life of their own. Who would have thought that Valentine’s Day would turn into an excuse to exchange chocolates and send love-themed cards? Who knew that 4th of July would become inextricably linked to hotdogs and potato salad? Meanwhile some holidays lose their significance—who really “celebrates” Columbus Day any more?

Disability Pride Month doesn’t often have parades or exchanged presents or fireworks. We don’t even get a day off to celebrate it.

But it can have significance. Happy Disability Pride Month, y’all!

About the Disability Pride Month Flag

“The black background represents the suffering of the disability community from violence and also serves as a color of rebellion and protest…the five colors represent the variety of needs and experiences: Mental Illness, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Invisible and Undiagnosed Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, and Sensory Disabilities.” –Dr. Charlie Roads

Evolution of this flag: originally the had a large lightning pattern running through it to symbolize “how individuals with disabilities must navigate barriers, and demonstrates their creativity in doing so.” More modern versions of the flag, such as the one pictured in this article, do away with the lightning pattern because the design can cause epileptic episodes.

Celebrations in 2022

While still relatively uncommon, you can find celebrations in several major cities:

Employment of People with Disabilities

Did you know that people with disabilities experience an unemployment rate double that of the national average? That’s why we exist. Whether you have a disability and are looking for work or you want to hire someone with a disability, Peak Performers Staffing Agency can help.

Learn more about our mission here!

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