Our Story

We work exclusively with public sector employers, including the State of Texas and local government agencies, filling nearly 900 types of jobs.

We place people in nearly 900 types of jobs with the State of Texas, from entry level administrative jobs through highly skilled accountants, IT professionals, program administrators, directors, and many more. Our mission is to provide better employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and chronic medical conditions.

Our History

Founded in 1994, St. Vincent DePaul Rehabilitation Service of Texas, Inc., was formed with the vision of setting a new standard of employment for people who have disabilities and chronic medical conditions. In early 1995, the trade name Peak Performers was registered in Texas to better illustrate what the organization is about: To employ skilled and dedicated people in administrative, professional, and information technology jobs through the temporary employment model with government agencies.

Over the years, we have stayed true to our mission and goals, expanding from time to time to serve federal agencies in the Central US. Now, and as always, we work to meet the needs of State of Texas and local government agencies. In doing so, we help thousands of people get good jobs. Helping people succeed is what we’re about.

Our Process

The first--and most important--step is to send us a professional resume highlighting your skills, experience, accomplishments, and education. Please make sure your resume includes current contact information. A Recruiting Coordinator will review your resume and, if your work history meets our recruiting needs, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

During your interview, you will complete an application packet, interview with a Staffing Consultant, and take a skills test. We ask that you set aside at least two hours so you do not feel rushed during testing. Your test results help insure that our staff is setting you up for success by placing you in the right position.

If you are not satisfied with your test results, you can take advantage of our free tutorials. Once you feel more confident in a skill, you can schedule an appointment to re-test. We often share test results with our customers in order to verify that we are sending them the right candidate for the job.

Your interview information and test results are then entered into a robust applicant database, which helps us match your skills and experience to open jobs. At this point, you are encouraged to call or text in your availability weekly. As new jobs are received, our Staffing Consultants search our database of registered, available candidates. When you are matched with a job, a Staffing Consultant will reach out to you to discuss the position.