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“I couldn’t have asked for a better assignment than what was provided. I was put on an assignment that went [well] with what background I had. The work that I was doing lead me to find the job opportunity I have been offered. I have already begun to give Peak’s information to friends and family.”

Angela, Texas Historical Commission

“I am extremely grateful that there is a hiring agency like Peak Performers. I also appreciate Barbara and everyone at Peak. Barbara clearly explained the process and communicated the process so well that there were no issues at any time. I really understood the position and what was expected of me. She and everyone at Peak. Barbara clearly explained the process and communicated the process so well that there were no issues at any time. I really understood the position and what was expected of me.

Le, Texas Education Agency Le, Texas Education Agency

“I was satisfied with the pay, workload, tasks, and schedules. The work I performed gradually prepared me to become a permanent employee with the state. I became knowledgeable in various state policies, procedures, and regulations. I enjoy helping people and working with diverse staff, which is exactly the type of work environment Peak Performers placed me in. I loved working for Peak Performers. I always recommend them to anyone in the Austin area who is looking for work. If I ever needed employment in the future, they would be the first agency I’d contact!”

Mignone, Texas Workforce Commission

“I highly recommend Peak Performers. They can place you as a contract worker with a state agency. I just retired after working almost three years for Peak at the Comptroller’s Office. The staff at Peak treat you as an individual, not just another temporary worker. They were always understanding of my

Marion, Comptrollers of Public Accounts

“[The work] was a great experience introducing me to the state of Texas CPA. The experience was amazing and a successful stepping stone to a permanent position with the Texas CPA! Thank you Peak Performers!!!”

Stephen, Comptrollers of Public Accounts.

“Peak Performers’ mission is fantastic, and they deserve patronage and support from any and all companies with all employment needs.”


“Excellent team of professionals eager to assist veterans and other persons with disabilities obtain temp jobs that can sometimes lead to permanent career opportunities.”


“Peak Performers really cares about the people they help. Specifically with disabilities.”


“I found a warm, welcoming and devoted team of mission minded people, from so many unique backgrounds.”


I’ve been with Peak Performers going on 4 years now and I cannot recommend their services enough. You feel like you’re working with friends who always have your back.” 


“Its real people! Instead of dealing with a computer. I’ve been given multiple people’s contact info to help me through the process.” 


If you’re dealing with a physical or mental disability, please consider them as a great tool for employment in Austin.” 


Communication was frequent, helpful, and timely, making the interviewing and job search process effortless on my part.” 


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Praise from our


“Brett consistently supports his Agency customers with professionalism, courtesy, and a smile. Brett goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are more than satisfied with his IT support and service.”

Office of Attorney General

“Matthew has been professional and provided outstanding service with the assistance of the development of the agency’s Innovation and Cost Efficiency Program. He has developed reports and assisted with presentations going to the executives at the highest level at TxDOT.”

Texas Department of Transportation

“Keith is always willing to help, is respectful, gets along well with the whole team, and is always in a good and energetic mood!”

Texas Board of Nursing

“Tory provides the highest quality of service, and makes a personal effort to ‘go the extra step.’ Also, Tory treats her co-workers professionally with warmth, courtesy, and respect. My colleagues and I love working with Tory!”

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

“Since her arrival, Terri has been on the front lines of our disaster recovery efforts. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional work ethic have greatly improved our ability to effectively administer disaster mitigation programs.”

Texas Department of Public Safety

“Thank you for your support in bringing great candidates our way. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Texas Education Agency

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