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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is hard.

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All Talk, No Change

Year after year, you discuss how important it is but fail to see meaningful results. Your workers may still look, sound, and even think the same. You could be missing out on new ideas and be failing to connect with customers.

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A Common Misconception

Diversifying your supplier base will lead to a more diverse workforce. Diversifying your staffing suppliers does not necessarily diversify your workforce, it only guarantees you diverse suppliers. Many diversity-owned recruiting firms are not sourcing candidates for diversity; they operate like any other supplier.

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A Different Approach

For 29 years we’ve been helping organizations find talent, and the majority of our placed professionals are diverse: 60% of our temporary workforce are minority, 65% are women, and +75% have a disability.

Disability is Diverse

A New Approach

Bring in some new faces, voices, and ideas

Transforming your workplace is no small task, but it all starts with who you hire. You deserve to see meaningful changes through your DE&I program. So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels, why not try a new approach through disability hiring?

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    We discuss your DE&I goals and hiring needs. We send you diverse, qualified candidates.

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    Disability is diverse and we send resumes for qualified candidates, many of whom are diverse and have a disability.

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    We offer both temp-to-hire and direct hire options to augment your workforce and support your DE&I efforts.