Peak Performers is an Austin based staffing agency.

Here are some of the top questions we are asked:

Job seekers

  • What is the best way to send my resume to your recruiters?

    We encourage applicants to submit their resume through our website. Submit your resume now.

  • I am relocating. When should I register with Peak Performers to be considered for active assignments?

    Send us your resume and let our recruiters know when you have relocated and are available to work on-site with one of our customers.

  • Can you help me find a job if I do not have a disability or chronic medical condition?

    We consider all candidates. However, we want all applicants to be aware that we give a job preference to qualified applicants who have a disability and/or chronic medical condition. Currently, over 80% of our workforce has a disability or qualifying chronic medical condition.

  • How quickly can I start work?

    This will depend on when we receive a job that matches your skills and work experience. Once we get a job, we move quickly! However, we cannot guarantee a job for every candidate who is interested in working with us.

  • Do I have to pay to work with Peak Performers?

    Peak Performers does not charge a fee to any job applicant.

  • How long are assignments with Peak Performers?

    The length of assignments varies according to our customers’ needs. We fill short-term and long-term temporary and contract assignments. We also fill temp-to-hire (evaluation hire) and direct hire roles. When we speak with you about an opportunity, we’ll give you an idea of the expected duration of the job. We also include project duration on our published jobs.

  • Why do you require applicants to test prior to placing them on an assignment?

    Our applicants are tested so that we can accurately assess their skills and therefore make the best job match. Many of our professional positions do not require testing prior to being considered for them. Our skills assessments can be completed at home.

Current Employees

  • What if I forgot my password and no longer have the link to the timecard portal?

    Simply click on the “employee timesheet” button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will bring you to the timecard portal page. You can click “Forgot your Password” to reset your password.

    Here are all the steps to fill out your timecard!

  • Do I need to notify Peak if I am out sick or will be taking any time off?

    Yes. In the event that you are out or need to schedule time off for doctor’s appointments, etc, you must notify your on-site supervisor at the job as well as our Staffing Assistant or your Staffing Manager. Their contact information will appear on your “Assignment Information Sheet” provided at the start of your assignment.

  • How often do I get paid? And when will my first payday be?

    Peak Performers temporary employees are paid on a weekly basis. Your paycheck is received each Friday and reflects the previous week’s hours you worked. So: you will be paid on the Friday following your first week of work.

  • Can my temporary job become permanent? What can I do to make that happen?

    The short answer is “yes.” Our temporary employees are often hired on by our clients. You may apply for open positions after you start your position. Working on a temporary assignment is a great way for an employer to get to know you and your capabilities. We ask our clients to wait 90 days before hiring you so we can recoup recruiting costs.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Though this can vary depending on the position, the majority of our clients have a business casual dress code. Please be sure that you are dressed appropriately for a work setting. Clothing items like flip flops, shorts, ripped jeans, t-shirts with slogans, etc., are not appropriate in the workplace.

  • What should I do when my assignment ends?

    If your assignment ends and you have not been offered employment elsewhere, please connect with your Talent Placement Specialist, provide an updated resume showing your most recent work experience, and text/call in to the availability line as soon as possible following assignment end and then weekly thereafter. If your skills need refreshing, this would be a good time to work on those and re-test or take additional computerized testing. Ask your Talent Placement Specialist for details.

  • If my on-site supervisor asks me to work overtime or offers me "comp time", can I work the overtime or comp time?

    Unless your Peak Performers supervisor has informed you that you are allowed to work overtime (as determined by state law),  you are not permitted to do so. Please alert your supervisor as soon as possible if asked to work.

  • If I am injured on the job, what do I do?

    Take care of any immediate medical needs; let your agency supervisor know. You must also contact Peak Performers as soon as possible (the day of the occurrence), so that we can make a report for workers’ compensation purposes. At the time, you may be asked to see our service provider for an assessment or follow-ups. A drug test may also be required at that time.

  • Since employees do not typically receive PTO through Peak Performers, can I make up my hours during the week?

    Peak Performers encourages our employees to ask their on-site supervisors if they can make up hours during the week if they need to miss any time, or if there is a State holiday. Many supervisors will permit this. It is always good to ask as it also shows them you have the initiative to get the work done!

  • How do I request a duplicate W-2?

    Please visit this link, fill out the form, and the document will be emailed to you.

  • Does Peak Performers offer a retirement program?

    Yes! Peak Performers offers a 403(b) retirement program:

    • This program is similar to 401(k) programs–employees may voluntarily contribute a percent of their paycheck; the annual maximum contribution limit is $20,500
    • All employees, no matter how long they’re employed with us, are eligible for the program
    • 403(b) programs are “pre-tax” programs
    • This program is administered through T. Rowe Price
    • Upon starting work with Peak Performers, employees will get a series of automatic emails giving them information about how to opt-in to the program

    Note: Peak Performers is unable to answer financial or investment questions


  • I may need help with temporary staff or a direct hire position. Where do I start?

    If you have an existing relationship, please reach out to your point of contact directly. If you aren’t sure who to contact, please email info@peakperformers.org so we can connect you with a representative. Whenever possible, please provide a job description and timeline. We’ll be in touch very soon to discuss next steps.

    Peak Performers has many existing contracts that public sector entities can use to purchase services. For services not covered under some contracts, such as direct hire or executive search services, you may be able to use cooperative purchasing arrangements from another contract that we hold. We are here to guide you through the process.

  • What kinds of roles does Peak staff?

    Peak Performers has been staffing administrative, financial, information technology, and other professional roles since 1994. Many of our clients are government agencies. Whether you need a data entry operator, a data analyst, or a database administrator, we can help.

  • Does Peak only assist with temporary placements?

    Due to its flexibility, temporary staffing is the most in-demand service that Peak provides. Peak also offers temp-to-hire (evaluation hire), direct hire, and executive search services. If you have a specific outsourced recruiting need, we are happy to discuss additional models that might work for your situation.

  • Should I just ask for a bunch of resumes?

    Resumes do not tell the whole story. Your Peak Performers’ representative will evaluate candidates based not only on their resumes, but also through their interview and interactions with Peak Performers; their computer skills and situational test results; and our history with them as either their previous or potential employer. You can expect to receive the resumes of our best qualified and available candidates and feel confident in our recommendations.

  • How does Peak qualify candidates?

    Peak Performers serves as your Human Resources provider for temporary staff and direct hire placements. First, we recruit, interview, and test or otherwise assess applicants; then, we carefully matching them to your job needs.

    For temporary job placements, we then on-board employees, complete new hire paperwork, and conduct background checks. We also handle payroll and insurance throughout the assignment.

  • How long will submitted candidates stay available?

    Candidates’ availability is affected by market conditions, particularly by the unemployment rate and the demand for their skills. We encourage you to make your decision as quickly as possible before our competitive candidates find jobs elsewhere.

  • Who manages the temporary employee?

    When an employee is placed on an assignment, you will be asked to provide us with their onsite supervisor’s contact information. Employees are instructed to contact their onsite supervisor as well as their Peak Performers’ Staffing Assistant in the event of absence or tardiness, or to arrange any time away from their duties. Your organization’s dedicated account manager handles corrective action or disciplinary conversations with the employee, upon your request.

  • How do timesheets work?

    Avionte, our employee management software, allows for accessible tracking and billing information. At the beginning of a temporary assignment, we will ask you to confirm who will be primary and secondary timesheet approvers. Timesheets need to be approved weekly by Monday at 5 p.m. Avionte is a web-based program that can be accessed from any location, including mobile devices, tablets, and computers. This digital system ensures minimal delays in the client approval and billing process.

  • How does Peak bill for services?

    Once a client electronically approves a timesheet, Peak pays the employee, and then initiates the customer billing process.

    For staffing programs, such as state-use contracts, we bill the contract holder and they in turn bill the client. Clients are billed only for the hours worked and not necessarily for all hours contracted in a purchase order.

  • We are having a problem with a temporary employee. What do we do?

    Contact your Peak Staffing Manager early on to discuss your concerns. If it is something on which we can counsel the employee, we value that opportunity. But if you feel the situation is beyond repair, Peak will end the employee’s assignment and work to find you a suitable replacement as quickly as possible.

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